bulk flowmeter auditing

Bulk flowmeter in-situ calibration audits can be carried out easily and accurately using the Quadrina Probeflo insertion flowmeter.

For greatest accuracy in determining the mean flowrate at a given location, a full pipeline traverse is recommended in association with the simple to use Velocity Profiles package that is available from Jestim. The package runs on a laptop computer to enable the velocity profile and mean flow in a pipe to be rapidly determined. A short term data logging facility is also incorporated for closer flowmeter comparisons. The logged data may be saved to disk for archiving purposes.

The Probeflo insertion flowmeter has been proved accurate in varying flow regimes and velocities during independant testing by the UK National Engineering Laboratory and also by other bodies. Quadrina blockage corrections were verified by N.E.L. as part of the test programme, thus providing confidence in the obtained profile results. The Quadrina was the only turbine flowmeter to have been successfully evaluated, and it was seen to accurately follow the velocity profile curve across the diameter of the pipeline.

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