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Jestim Limited is a specialist flowmeter manufacturer. All insertion flowmeters that were supplied by Quadrina to the Water Industry over many years are fully backed by a repair, refurbishment, update or recalibration service from Jestim. The original style of Quadrina flowmeter can be converted to the latest MEP/QEP series of ultra-low power devices. The series includes flowmeters with flowrate and totaliser functions built into the headbox to provide a complete, standalone flow measurement instrument. Also, loop powered versions (4 to 20mA), with or without headbox displays, are available to use with telemetry or PLC/PC systems.

Leaflets are available giving the full specification of the Jestim flowmeters. Please contact us for a copy, or, in the event of any query or application difficulty, do let us know by fax, telephone or email for a quick response.

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