the pipeline gauging rod

This is a simple, easy to use device that enables the internal diameter of a pipeline to be measured. If flow measurements made by an insertion flowmeter are to be translated into volumetric units then the internal diameter of a pipe becomes a critical dimension. Using a normal bore diameter of the pipe for volumetric measurements will lead to substantial errors due to the square law relationship between the pipes internal radius and its internal sectional area.

By using the Gauging Rod the internal diameter of the pipeline, in the axis of the Gauging Rod, can be measured to very close limits. This is achieved in the following way, also referring to the drawing on the next page.

Replace the flowmeter with the Gauging Rod. Slacken the retaining screws on the two stop gauges on the rod. Push the Gauging Rod down into the pipe and rotate by 180 degrees; this will ensure that the foot will contact the near wall as the rod is withdrawn. Push the rod as far as it will go, this should correspond with the far wall of the pipe. Stop No 1 (nearest the handle assembly) is now tightened. Then extract the Gauging Rod until the foot locates the near wall and tighten Stop No 2. The distance between the knife edges of the stops, distance A, is the internal diameter of the pipe.

To extract the Gauging Rod it is pushed back into the pipe then rotated by 180 degrees to allow the foot to come back through the access valve. Now remove the Gauging Rod and replace the insertion flowmeter.

All wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel and the Gauging Rods are made to customer defined lengths, or to be compatible with particular flowmeters.

Versions are available for the Probeflo and the Miniprobe series of insertion flowmeters.

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