the probeflo insertion flowmeter

The Probeflo Insertion flowmeter may be used to measure the velocity of gases or liquids in pipelines. It may be inserted into a pipeline for measurement or withdrawn for inspection and maintenance without interruption to product flow, or the necessity of pipeline pressure reduction.

It consists of a small stainless steel turbine flowmeter mounted on the end of a stainless steel insertion tube. This Insertion tube passes through a pressure seal system which allows movement of the meter head to any point within the pipeline. The signal generated by the flowmeter is amplified then fed to a connector on the flowmeter's headbox to allow local or remote indication of fluid velocity. The insertion flowmeter enables a full velocity profile check to be made within the pipeline from which true flow conditions may be easily and quickly ascertained.

A very large operating range of up to 100 to 1 is available, thus the Probeflo series opens up many new possibilities of flow measurement. It offers an economical alternative to conventional flow measurement methods in large pipelines, having superior range and accuracy, negligible pressure drop, with a pulse output directly and linearly proportional to fluid velocity. The Probeflo is ideally suited to portable applications.

For applications where the flow direction may change over a period of time the Jestim insertion flowmeters may be fitted with a direction sensing pickup which gives simultaneous outputs of a flow velocity and flow direction.

The Miniprobe version has all the features of the Probeflo but with a slightly restricted turn-down. It is designed for entry into the pipeline through a 25mm access point.

general specification

LinearityBetter than 0.5% f.s. over normal range.
RepeatabilityBetter than 0.05%.
Pressureup to 20 bars.
Temperature-20 to +150 degrees Celcius.
Pressure DropNegligible. (<2" w.g. in 100mm pipe at 3 m/s)
Bearing TypeBall Race, pivot jewel, tungsten carbide journal options.
Insertion LengthsAny length to customer's choice (+/- 5mm)

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