velocity profiles package

This is a program designed to run on a laptop or IBM compatible PC. Designed for use with the Quadrina series of insertion flowmeters that are now available from Jestim Limited.

The four part program has the following features:-

Velocity profile measurements

This feature enables the velocity profile within a pipeline to be ascertained from which the mean flow, the total flow and the ratio Vm/Vc can be determined. Full correction for the effects of blockage are made for all readings and results. Flow data can be input manually or automatically by means of the ADCM interface box that connects to the parallel port of the laptop. No other special devices or cards are required by the computer. (The ADCM is not fully compatible with the XP operating system at present)

Factor switch settings

Mainly for use with the QEP series of Quadrina insertion flowmeters that incorporate a totaliser function, this feature gives the settings necessary to the DIP switches in the flowmeters headbox to enable the flowmeter to measure in specific volumetric units.

Blockage correction

Running independently of the Profiles function this feature will give the blockage figures together with the blockage corrected Vm/Vc ratio for a given Quadrina type flowmeter in almost any size of pipeline. This feature is especially useful for setting up data loggers, or determining the parameters for a permanent metering installation.

Data logger

A simple function logger facility is offered with this feature. It uses the ADCM interface box to connect the flowmeter to the computer's parallel port, no other devices are needed for the function. The logger continuously samples the flow for up to 500 samples on a pre-selectable time period of between 1 and 100 seconds per sample, drawing on the VDU a coloured, graphical plot of the results as they are collected.

Both the velocity profile and the data logging functions can store their results to hard disk or floppy disk for later transfer to a spreadsheet or other data analysis program (all data is stored in ASCII format). Also, the data files may be printed out for site archiving purposes.

The program has been simplified as much as possible to make it quick yet simple to use. No special computer skill or training is required. Furthermore, no mathematical work is required of the operator, only the ability to accurately position the flowmeter in the pipe at the request of the computer.

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